29. Progressive – Wrangler disease

Once upon a time there was a normal 30 year old man who lived in Richmond, Virginia. He was in great health. He ran everyday and ate as healthy as he could (with occasional treats). But one day, it all came crashing down. This is his story.

Bob Snorkelfask  woke as he did every morning around 7 a.m., but on this Friday morning, things seemed a little different. He paid no mind to anything and got ready as normal. He put on his Wranglers as he did everyday and his plaid button up shirt and was ready to head out to his job as a lumberjack.

When his legs began to feel weird.

They started to tingle and become hot. He immediately went back inside his house and took off the Wrangler pants. When he did he saw his legs had turned completely red and had bumps all over them. He thought he might have had an allergic reaction to something he ate or something in the pants but he didn’t change anything in his daily routine to do that and he wore the same type of pants everyday. He called into work saying he was having a medical problem and couldn’t make it in today then proceeded to call the doctor.

They told him that was very odd and to come in as soon as possible.  He was worried about his legs but he put on the Wranglers again to go see his doctor. Once he got there he was taken back immediately and looked at. They told him they had never seen anything like this before. The doctor told Bob that he had developed a disease from the Wrangler jeans. Since they had never seen this before they then called it the Wrangler disease. They told Bob it had become progressively worse because he had worn Wranglers everyday for the past 15 years.

The doctor sent Bob home and told him to wear only cotton pants until they could construct a medicine and treatment for the disease on his legs. It took a week for Bob to see the light at the end of the tunnel he had experienced 8 days ago. They created a medicine that would eventually destroy the disease and they also told him that he must wear Levi jeans for the rest of his life. He was a little upset he could no longer wear his favorite brand but then found out that insurance paid for every pair of his Levi jeans.

Months went by and Bob Snorkelfask’s legs got back to normal and he seemed even happier than before. He told me it was all thanks to the Levi’s. He said that his Wranglers were never as comfortable as his new Levi jeans and they will never put him through what he went through with Wranglers. Now he tells his story to everyone along with promoting Levi’s from his experience.

Recently, Levi’s jeans has asked Bob to tell his story at an event of theirs and become sponsored by them so his legs will stay perfect and healthy for the rest of his life.


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